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VibeClass workouts are unique and truly incomparable within the fitness industry. Due to our fully adaptable training system, you can make your own schedule and start exercising at any time. A typical session consists of a 5-minute warm up, a 30-minute highly efficient training and a 5-10-minute cool down, incorporating a 10-station circuit system with a multitude of science based exercises performed on large custom engineered vibration platforms that engage up to 90% of the body's muscles. Each movement is performed under the watchful eye of a VibeClass certified trainer. Owning a VibeClass provides you the opportunity to partner with a highly successful team of fitness and business experts who have already mastered the industry and have the know-how on making it profitable and fun. You will directly work with ownership and learn how to run you own VibeClass location. We are hands down a leader in a highly competitive industry whose profits grow more and more annually. We have geared our company to provide you with knowledge, support and training that will allow you to effectively meet and surpass any consumer expectations.

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